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The 2024 Keto Orlando Summit Gala will be an extraordinary evening of celebrating the outstanding efforts of our K.O.S community.   Don't miss your chance to get dressed up, celebrate your journey, and enjoy an evening of great moments and Keto friendly dining with amazing people. 

The attire is semi-formal, and the Gala will begin at 7:00 PM on August 2ND, at The Hilton Orlando Resort.  To attend, you must purchase the $85 ($25 off) add on Gala ticket or purchase the K.O.S. VIP Gala bundle.  A General or VIP ticket to the Keto Orlando Summit is required to attend the Gala.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

On this night, we invite you to exchange

the curled-up-on-the-couch-position

in comfortable sweatpants, for a glide down the red carpet. Plan for a night of glamour, socializing,

Dinner, and awesome community!  

Red Carpet Event
Walking on the red carpet

Connect with your community!

Get inspired and be entertained with a night filled with fun and interaction while looking and feeling your best! 

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